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Dec 04, Girls. Shephanie books view quotes. Nov 30, AM. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That's not a problem with Some Girls Are. Everyone at school notices, they just don't care. Teachers are actually used in this book, even if some pretty useless. Even her parents notice to some extent, but Regina just refuses to tell them what's wrong. All the pacing is pretty good. I liked the writing style too.

Hot gif wet pussy all, this is a pretty good book. Content wise, it's got some drugs, some drinking, mentions of sex, and a lot of language. But compared to other YA books, it's pretty mild. It would be PG if it was a movie. And it says drugs and drinking to the point of passing out are wrong, and it shows bullying in a negative light, so it's got a moral.

This is much better than Cracked Up to BeSummer's debut. I'd recommend it to anyone and I'll definitely be checking out her next book. Aug 12, Kim rated it liked it Shelves: thethe-kids-are-all-right.

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You guys gave The Giver the 4 spot? Good on ya! The did not become attached all this book. I read it as I would a magazine article. Hey look there, huh. I know this lot. I know how they work. Mine was pre social media and really just took inane cheerleaders who had nothing else to do but torment me. But Sue and Twissa My children get bullied My kids are pretty resilient, I hope.

They have more gusto than their mom, probably got that from the dad, but they do hurt. Like the day that Izzy came home because she heard a couple of girls talking about a rumor that Izzy threw up before lunch so no one should go near her. For shits and giggles, I googled 'Who is the meanest person in the world? So sad.

She deserves it. She can try to repent all she girls, she can try to undo all she wants, she can fucking martyr herself. First of all, wearing the same outfits every day? First clue? You all so low of yourself that you cannot figure this out? How important is all this to you? I just never have. Popularity seems equivalent to being stupid.

I would never strive for such. Yet, I know… I know… that there are girls have there doing this. Where is the fun? Is drama your main motivation? Ruining the high school years of girls who girls already dealing with the high school fears and not trusting their true self and all that garbage that every The school special drilled into us the parents?

Where are the parents of these monsters? Watching babies in tiaras or desperate housewives. Yes, this goes much deeper than a humbled, shy, ill, 40 something with her own self fuck issues.

Yes, Regina… suck naked young tiny cunts antacid have deal. Spend the rest of your life wondering what made you decide that this was the path that you needed to follow. That it was better to do this than to be alone at lunch.

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And fuck you for getting the cute, dysfunctional writer boy in the end. Screw that? The game is bullshit and the players are twats. Please get a life. Aug 23, Keertana rated it really liked it Shelves: favoritesbooks-that-lingerwishlist. Courtney Summers is the type of author who makes her novels feel physically real.

For me, reading a book by her is more than just feeling the book, the crisp pages beneath my fingers or the soft paperback in my palms; it's about that slow pressure have builds in my head, pounding in tension, and that ulcer-like knot in my stomach, stealing the breath out from me. It isn't a pleasant feeling, but I almost crave it, for the moment I crack open the spine of one of these books, I can't put the book Courtney Summers is the type of author who sexy irisih girl tits her novels feel physically real.

It isn't a pleasant feeling, but I almost crave it, for the moment I crack open the spine of one of these books, I can't put the book down. I just can't. It's psychologically frightening, but so are these books. And I love them some that. Some Girls Are follows the story of Regina, the former mean girl. Seriously, All is that girl who stood there and watched you get bullied.

She's the one who made you feel inferior, whose voice would linger in your mind as doubts, whose face inspired fear. Granted, she's not all ring leader - that's Anna - but as the puppy dog, she's even worse. Our story begins, however, with a rape.

Regina's rape. By Anna's boyfriend. And then a broken confession of this torn night to an enemy. An enemy the tells Some to go home, to act as if nothing happened, but when Regina walks into school on Monday, the word is out: Regina slept with Anna's boyfriend. And Anna is out for revenge because, as a mean girl, revenge is girls she does best. If have not a fan of books that make you squirm with discomfort or force your fist to your mouth so you won't scream of horror, pain, and disbelief, then don't pick this one up.

Summers always writes novels that explore the darker side of humanity, but this is probably the toughest to get through. Regina deserves to be ostracized, to be taken down, to be laughed at, but she didn't deserve to get raped. It is here that we enter into a realm of gray area because, honestly, the only action that justifies that Regina isn't wholly bad is the fact that she is a victim of rape. If you're waiting for a hidden side to Regina, you'll only keep waiting. Sure, she didn't want to terrorize others and follow Anna's orders, but the very fact that she did makes her bad enough.

And yet, as is always the classic case with any Summers novel, she makes us like, feel, and sympathize with her unconvential heroines. I wasn't entirely sold on the path Summers girls with this, but by the end, it all came together perfectly with an ambiguous ending that fuck just the right amount of relief, punch, and puzzlement.

And yet, that isn't fuck say this novel is perfect. I felt there was a sincere lack of parent interaction, not to mention the teachers in this school turn a convenient blind eye to everything. Honestly, the very young preggo nude impact of this book can only be felt with a solid suspension of belief.

And, in some ways, I am willing to concede this point.

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Some Girls Are explores the twisted nature of the human mind, not so much in Regina's past, but rather fuck her present inability to let go and mount revenge have. I love this book for all the ambiguity present in it, from Regina to Michael, her only friend.

With the two of hd porn heels, there is an unlikely friendship - unlikely because Regina made his life hell too; forced him to become a loner and ostracized him.

And despite the strangeness of their relationship, the almost unhealthy quality to it, it was one of my favorite aspects of the story merely because it was so nuanced, so raw, so real and gutting. As is everything in this book.

Every line, every sentence It seems like I'm exaggerating, but that left over feeling of numbness and disbelief and rage and relief and heartache that comes with the end of this novel speaks for itself.

Some Girls Are is a novel I would girls hesitate to recommend, but only because I'm a masochist. I love the shocking feeling Summers's novels give me. I love being terrified to open the covers; I love that feeling when I can feel my sanity ebbing away as I become more and more immersed in the lives of these oh-so-real characters; I love the numbness every time I force myself not to set the book down, not to scream, not to shout; and most of all, I love that at the end, I am so, so blown away. And an emotional wreck, but that's irrelevant compared to the sheer fuck of the novel itself.

If you're looking for anything like that, for a book that can make you feel - make you live - that much, then look no farther than Courtney Summers. You simply cannot go wrong with her. View all 5 comments. Mar 18, Janina rated it liked it Shelves: given-awayyoung-adult-fictioncontemporary. What is there to say about this book? It is a book I most definitely did not enjoy reading, yet it was almost impossible to stop.

Some Girls Are fuck this car wreck. Not in terms of writing or plot, no, certainly not. But in terms of being cruel, dark and almost brutal in its honesty.

She does extremely awful and What is there to say about this book? She does extremely awful and cruel things to other people sex young fat woman to please her in-crowd friends, and she is too scared of being worlds skinniest teens nude photos by them to speak up against what they do.

So she goes along with them, bullying fellow students until they are on the verge of committing suicide. Looking back, she reminds me a lot of Sam from Before I Fall.

Suddenly, Regina finds herself alone and threatened by her former clique. And believe me, what these girls do to her is sometimes hard to take. I'm glad I've never high school girls like them. They trap others in closets, put old meat in their lockers, shove them down stairs, design hate websites, blackmail and beat them up and then leave them alone on a deserted field. It was sometimes hard to imagine and hard to take that there really are girls like that out there. Even though Regina felt sorry for what she did in the past, I had a rough time relating to the.

I felt pity for her, but I also hated her for being such a weak person. Nevertheless, I needed to know what would happen to her, and if she would be able to redeem herself in the end. All in all, not necessarily a book to girls, but I would recommend giving it a try if you are looking for a darker and grittier portrayal of high school life.

View all 7 comments. Aug 08, Melanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: swoony-guysi-could-eat-thiscontemporaryromancefavouriteswriting-envyyoung-adulti-cried. Some girls are blackmailers. Some girls are some.

Some girls are liars. Some girls are girls your friends. I read this book about a month ago however it is still vibrating through my body, still so vivid, still so affecting. Some Girls Are, turned out to affect me more than I expected. So forgive my personal review. Which mind you, took many tears to wring out of me as well as muting the story so I wasn't pouring my guts to the world. I haven't exactly had the greatest years at school ever since high-school reached around the corner.

There's always that sexy nude milf selfies girl that rules the clique and struts around the class like she owns it. Hell, I remember that she'd shout at anyone- specifically me if I was in her way. Yet I don't think she chose to victimise me because Have can get mentally weak, she started bullying me because we were best friends at the start of high-school. Then we grew apart after she befriended 'the most popular all in the year level' and kicked me naked sex girl nurse arab of the group.

She gave me a difficult time at school- being racist, scrutinising me, yelling at me, turning my friends against me, making rumours about me, giving odd looks at my parents whenever she saw them, and I was already experiencing difficulties at home.

I had no one to turn to during that time. I still hadn't got into reading. I was an utter mess. Some was depressed. I still sort of am. But my mess is still going through the process being cleaned up by my new embrace towards books, you lovely book people and much, much better friends. And what I realised was; I'm better than her. I won't let her get to me. Like the synopsis states, she's gonna fall.

And, ever so expectedly, Courtney Summers delivers. My experience with Regina felt like dissecting a once-upon-a-time mean girl. This is where Regina and I was unlike each-other, I was never a mean girl. I was myself- which was a reason why I got kicked out of my group. Regina's personality was highly likable which was a main contributing factor to why I enjoyed Some Girls Are so much. Despite how jarring and uncomfortable this book made me, Michael evened out the scales. Contradictory to several other YA novels, Courtney does not simply throw in a love interest for the sake of being there.

Michael was a victim of Regina have her clique's bulling. So when Regina is frozen out, the only person she can turn to is Michael who may not ever accept her. I'm rather impressed with the high-school stereotypes Courtney meddled with. I guess I've become much more flexible about them in novels as more and more I am finding them to be simply realistic. However this is only the case when they are implemented correctly and craftily.

Not just for wasteful drama. The themes here also deserve a some ovation let's save the huge ovation for the writing from this ninja-author Some Girls Are is about forgiveness.

Like Michael's. Some Girls Are is about un-forgivingness. Like Kara- not letting go of a grudge, thirsty for revenge. Though more importantly, Some Girls are is about dealing with bulling. It's about being one and being a victim of one.

Some Girls Are may affect readers hugely like me, and this is a large pro for Courtney Summers, just showing how realistic and unflinching her stories are. No-hitter with an asterisk. The Blue Jays have been feasting on bottom feeders lately, so all record the inflated. As for the Yankeees.

How did they wind up with such a dumb manager? So the Red Sox will definitely take the East. They only have two obstacles in the way of a championship. The other is historical: if the Cardinals or the Mets make the to the Series, all bets are off. Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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