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I could imagine all these nurses throw theirselves at him regardless he being in a relationship with me. Then an explanation of the nature of your soul and where it came from and where it's going. She was so sad over what she sacrificed it just haunted everyone on Reddit.

He is a resident now, and I am a professor The problem is that we could not find a geographic location that could accommodate both of us, and this is a second year that we live apart, in two different states. Mormonism has a lay clergy, so everyone serves in the Church.

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My current atheism bothers him a little but as long as we respect each other it's fine. And, as I was writing the reply, above, those thoughts went through my head. How will this all be once we have children?. The closet is deep though I think that's seriously generalizing.

The odds are definitely not in OPs favor for something like this working for him. You and your husband are truly a team, even though things are not always equal.

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But I don't know that he does the same for me. I think she felt that it was important for me to understand the types of challenges in an interfaith marriage. She seems to be ok with that, and wants to continue our relationship, and also talks about wanting marriage and children, and raising those children to be mormon like her even if I'm not religious. I have a fairly business profession, but a lot of other stuff going on most weeknights.

Ladies, doctor's are definitely not all they're cracked up to be.

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He want to wait at least one year before he makes any decision he want to take it slow. It's alot to understand if not raised and taught in it specifically. If we have children, they will be OK to go to your church, but not compelled to do so, and never baptized. Break it off amicably now, before it gets too difficult. You'll definitely need antidepressants. Maybe you will win. You will only have a happy relationship if either you both believe in the Mormon Church, or both do not believe.

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We have 2 beautiful children and he has a daughter from his previous mariage he rarely sees. Among Mormons, 25 is practically an old maid. And some will do that. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. That's all she thought about for 18 months, plus the months leading up to it, and winding down.