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If your donkey appears unwell or stops eating call your veterinary surgeon.

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Donkeys require a diet low in protein, sugar and starch, but high in fibre. For this reason, the basis of their diet should be barley straw all year round with a restricted amount of grass. In winter the grass may need to be supplemented with small amounts of hay. Overweight donkeys are at risk from laminitis and hyperlipaemia. Old or sick donkeys may require supplements to this diet; your veterinary surgeon can help with this and the Sanctuary has more advice available on feeding donkeys.

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Most donkeys will become obese on unrestricted grazing. Electric tape systems are preferable to wire as they are more visible. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Keep your fence neat and well maintained and check it every morning and evening, moving as appropriate.

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The rotation of grazed areas can also be very useful in helping to control parasitic worms. Barley straw is the preferred bedding for healthy donkeys. Barley straw is lower in feed value than oat straw, but higher than wheat straw. It is comfortable for the donkeys to lie on and drains reasonably well. If barley straw is not available it is acceptable to use oat or wheat straw.

Straw is the cheapest form of bedding.

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If donkeys have respiratory problems or require dieting then, having consulted your veterinary surgeon, a dust free, particle bedding fat be used. Donkeys suffering from respiratory illness donkey need to be fed an alternative to barley straw see feeding donkeys with respiratory conditions.

Donkeys require a floor level feed bin or corner floor feeder, situated to prevent feed being soiled. Small hole haynets can be used with donkeys, but should be tied at a comfortable height to avoid lifting the head too high, but also not so low that the donkey is at risk of getting tangled up in it. Place enough straw in the feeder so that they can browse through it; there will be no waste as the remainder can be used for bedding. If possible, position the feeder so that the donkey's feet are not on the bedding while they are eating, so they have a chance to dry out.

In the winter you may need to add a small amount of hay to the sex in the feeder if your donkeys are not maintaining their body condition with the grass and straw-based diet. Be aware of the risks of laminitis from excessive consumption of grass or cereal grain-based feeds stressed grass ie frosty conditions can also increase the threat of laminitic attack. Donkeys are particularly at risk of this condition during the spring and autumn when the grass is rich and growing quickly. Fields which have been previously fertilised may pose a greater threat.

Spring and autumn, however, are not the only 'risk periods'. Whenever grass is growing well it may be a potential problem. Donkeys should always have access to a clean water supply; they are very fussy about what they drink.

A securely supported bucket or a self-filling trough should be constantly available and should be cleaned out daily after tamil reals ladies big photos stable youtube been free out to avoid a build-up of dust or dirt in the water.

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Get to know your donkey's feet! Pick them up and remove all the muck and stones daily. Find a farrier who regularly trims donkeys' feet; ask him to visit every weeks. If your donkey has specific problems they may require more frequent visits. Transport donkeys loose, wearing a head collar. Do not tie them up; they prefer to find their own balance. Keep bonded donkeys with their companions in the box; do not split them with a partition.

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Donkeys that are lame, have overgrown hooves, are over 30 years old, in poor condition, very overweight or under veterinary treatment must not be transported without a certificate of fitness to travel, which is issued by a veterinary surgeon. Aaliyah Love videos.

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free sex fat donkey youtube girls topless on omegle If you have just embarked on a new adventure and welcomed a donkey to your family, it can be very rewarding. However there are several points to consider when taking donkeys into your care. Unless you intend to breed donkeys, you should not have a stallion. Stallions by their nature can be extremely unpredictable, especially if there is a mare in season nearby. Geldings castrated stallions and mares both have their own behaviour traits; playful geldings may romp and fight like schoolboys, whereas mares come into season and need more understanding handling at this time. A pair of donkeys of the same sex will be just as happy as a mare and gelding combination. Donkeys commonly "pair bond" and this can lead to problems if trying to separate them from their companion, which may not necessarily be another donkey.
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