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When you take your time and have slower sex, you last much longer. If you want sex that is memorable because of the intensity, you have to have slow sex. It is the best. Fast-paced sex is fun and feels good, but not everyone gets what they want. Slow sex fills both of these voids, and everyone leaves more satisfied than they would with quick sex. Slow sex is, without a doubt, the best sex. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Trust me on this. Yes, the sex itself is also important, people. Once you've really enhanced pretty much every single nerve ending known to man, you'll probably be reeling to get that penetrative situation going.

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Not so fast! Even during intercourse, you need to be in the moment. Strgar says it's all about the strokes -- you want to vary between full-depth peen and intense, shallow dives. Call Us Today! About Dr. What is Online Therapy. Sex sex vs. Previous Next. Which pace is best? The difference between a faster or slower pace Body vs.

But as mahayana says, it depends on the mood. When bad sex is slow and sensuous, it's just a little bad and I often don't remember it was bad. Fast bad sex is fast and hard, it's like sex on a chalkboard to think of, and I most definitely remember the man to avoid.

It's nice hearing a man's perspective though. I always thought that, while most men know that most women don't always want a jackhammer, I didn't realize guys prefer this too sometimes.

I just thought you were doing it to accommodate the women. Oh but I do have to add, there is nothing more annoying than slow guy going at a good, fast rhythm, then stopping suddenly. Depends on mood. I do generally like it fast but my husband is like you. Sometimes slow is fun though.

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I like to start out slow and gradually speed up, til we're going fast and hard and deep, then out of control at the end. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Full Bio. Related Articles. Here's How It Went.

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Follow Us. Monday, NOV Yes equipment. They really do want their woman to be happy.

Slow Sex: 13 Steamy Reasons Why it's the Best Sex Ever!

They really do want their woman to enjoy sex. They really do want to make tnflx woman orgasm. The problem is, when you have been on a plateau for so long, your man might have already given up. If you are in a generally loving relationship, your partner is seeking affection and validation that his efforts are being appreciated, accepted and also — in one way or another — reciprocated. Slow sex will provide him with a terrific opportunity to see you utterly pleased.

And it is quite likely that your sincere appreciation of his willingness alone will be a good motivation for him to want to do it over and over again. The only thing I have to say is — are you sure? What else have you tried to spice up your sex life?


fast sex or slow sex free porn pics of columbian women The common misconception is that rough and fast sex is the best sex. Let me tell you: it is way, way better. Sure, a quickie here and there is fun, and even switching it up between fast and slow sex is great. But have you ever just enjoyed slow sex the entire time? Whether you just want to enjoy it for a little while during your time with your partner, or dedicate the entire act to it, you have to try it. You might think that slow sex is boring, but that is not at all true.
fast sex or slow sex black girls sexy vaginas And when we do make the time, are we rushing through it? What does that pace mean for our sex life? Most people like a mixture little bit of fast and a bit of slow. Some like to start slow and build their arousal at a leisurely pace. Any other way and it kills their sexual mojo.
fast sex or slow sex sexy briads getting finger fuck Takeaway: Simply slowing down can be enough to turn sex into a transcendent experience. Hot sex can be fast and furious. It can be all about losing control and becoming overwhelmed with pleasure. But what happens when you take it slow? A few years ago, I was forced to slow down sexually.
fast sex or slow sex mexican old man naked You're fit—and strong. And when it comes to bedding your girl, you nail it fast and hard, just the way she likes it. Problem is, it's not the way she loves it. Learn more about the slow groove, and you may just realize what women have known for years—slow sex is better. Just because a woman is wet, that doesn't mean she's near climax. A good rule of thumb: Take the amount of time you think she needs, and double it. If she's ready sooner, you'll know it.
fast sex or slow sex miley cyrus beautiful pussy The measure of his manhood is how happy you are. The happier you are, the happier he will be. This is probably one of the reasons that caring partners judge themselves by their ability to make their woman orgasm. They develop some performance anxiety because they are really trying hard to make their woman satisfied. As mentioned in James N. Often, they say that they had been under the false impression that they must do a lot in order to satisfy their woman, only to find that by doing almost nothing, they accomplish almost everything.
fast sex or slow sex videos gratis de beautiful sex girls They had an orgasm and you missed out? Unfortunately, women find themselves in this position more often than not. The orgasm gap is getting in the way of us ladies coming -- and that's just not fair. It takes women an average of 13 minutes longer than men to have an orgasm. That is one hell of a jump.